Review of Spartacus Gym in Vancouver

spartacus gym vancouver

This is a first hand review of Spartacus Gym in Vancouver and Roy Duguette.

spartacus gym vancouverVery disappointed with Spartacus Gym.  From day one when they lied about the 35 dollars a month sign which is displayed outside I should have known.  Anyways. I paid for their 20 dollar for a week plan. I just went for one visit. Then I got sick.  So on DAY 8 I asked them if I can attend for a 2nd time.  Marco was very rude and vicious.  I even said that one drop in fee is 10 dollars so I should be allowed a 2nd visit.  However he was very mean and laughed at me while he took 20 dollars for one visit.  I am low income also.  Please do not give these mean people your business.  Contact

Roy Duquette, owner of Spartacus Gym, who also was aware this mean act but did nothing.


And help us seek justice.