As a good-citizen who finally decided to file two lawsuit against BCRPA I strongly discourage anyone from becoming a member.

BCRPA claims to be an “approved member of the National Fitness Leadership Alliance”  As you can read below

Your BCRPA registration is recognized nationally through the NFLA and is transferable across the country to all NFLA partners.

But when one goes to the NFLA website it sends them to the Manitoba Fitness Council this is what you will see:

The Manitoba Fitness Council along with the following provincial contacts creates the National Fitness Leaders Alliance (NFLA)

That is like a bunch of auto mechanics in different provinces creating National Alliance of Auto Mechanics.  Therefore I don’t give the NFLA too much credibility.  In addition I am not sure if you have seen the facebook page of the “National Fitness Leaders Alliance”?   As of February 13 2015 it only has 12 likes !!!!

Now let me share with you another fact which is the “NFLA” does not have an office or an address. Who do we write to if we had a complaint against one of the members?