CFES or Canadian Fitness caught plagiarizing

Canadian Fitness Education Services

After personally taking several courses with Canadian Fitness Education Services which claims to specialize in Personal Training Certification and Group Fitness Certification I can personally say that Morrie Zaitlin and Margaret Hewitt-Zaitlin  who run CFES must publicly apologize for the plagerized material in their personal training book.  We even contacted the author who did state that the material was plagerism.  When we contacted Morrie Zaitlin and Margaret Hewitt-Zaitlin they would not even reply which is disgraceful and gracious.  

Canadian Fitness Education Services claim that their programs not only meet the standard for BCRPA registration, but several other provincial organizations.  Which are not yet aware that they have been caught plagiarizing.

At first we found  that the Canadian Fitness Education Services  textbooks and manuals had errors in their book such as anatomy terms etc. Which was the first sign of unprofessionalism and a scam.  I did inform Inshape Training who are one fitness school that uses their books on March 1st 2013 and they did admit the errors.  And people are paying over 1000 dollars for that course?  For the price they charge the textbook could be better.

However what was shocking was when we noticed that Canadian Fitness Education Services plagiarized some content in their Personal Training book which is absolutely unacceptable.

Wikipedia states that Plagiarism is

1)  is the “wrongful appropriation” and “stealing and publication” of another author‘s “language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions” and the representation of them as one’s own original work.

2) Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics. It is subject to sanctions like penalties, suspension, and even expulsion.

3) Plagiarism is a serious ethical offense

4) and cases of plagiarism can constitute copyright infringement.

CFES plagiarized or forged material in their Personal Training book.

CFES plagiarized in their Personal Training manual on Chapter 6 page 7 regarding “perfect posture”

Please see the picture. Then you will notice that it came from here

CFES does not give credit to Vern Gambetta who worked so hard and deserves credit.

I myself had a bad experience with CFES and now find out that my suspicions were correct. I am sure if BCRPA and UBC recreation and others who have a business relationship with them find out then they will sever ties with CFES or at least demand an explanation.

Canadian Fitness Education Services

What is MOST SHOCKING is that Morrie Zaitlin and his wife Margaret Hewitt-Zaitlin did not give a good-citizen 5 minutes to defend himself, but, stripped him of one year of his time and several thousands of dollars and removed his “CFES” certifications.  Because they accused him of forging a BCRPA certificate.  However, when they are caught in a plagiarism scandal they do not apologize and engage in denials and narcissism. 

Take action now and send your complaints to :

We highly recommend that you contact
(she is the ceo of BCRPA who permits them and gives CEC’s credits for their courses and workshops)

By the way. Here is a copy from the victim of Plagiarism

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