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Personal Training Certification 2014

personal training vancouver

The Personal Training Course is the third and final step in becoming a Personal Trainer. This course is held at Bentall Athletic Club in downtown Vancouver. Topics include business and marketing, health screening, fitness assessment, training principles, risk management, program design for health and skill development, counseling, motivating and ethics.

In this course students will learn more advanced theory in a classroom setting and put that into practice in the weight room. It is scheduled over several weeks to allow students plenty of time for reading and absorbing the material.

Cost: $499.00(plus manual and workbook, includes tax)
Prerequisite: BCRPA: Registration with BCRPA in Weight Training and 20 logged practice programs or CFES: Certification with CFES in Weight Training and 2...

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Comprehensive Program Design Workshop. February 8 2014

program design

Program design is the essence of what Personal Trainers do. The better we are at it, the more our clients will adhere to the program and receive the benefits of an active lifestyle. The first half of this workshop will cover how to use client information such as lifestyle, occupational/sport demands and orthopaedic factors in the fitness program design. Students will learn to program based on fitness testing results and qualitative analysis of common fitness tests, as well as how to rate biomotor abilities, qualify the client for programs, assess core requirements and manipulate acute program variables. Linear periodization will be discussed and non-linear periodization programming will be introduced...

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They say nutrition is 80 percent.

nutrition info

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November 28 2013 – A Physical and Psychosocial Look at Obesity: A Preventative Approach

November 28 2013 - A Physical and Psychosocial Look at Obesity: A Preventative Approach

Presented by Dr. Francis Vala, MD

Join us for the fifth session of the 2013 Skills for Mindful Living Series – an ongoing series of free, educational workshops designed to provide opportunities to the North Shore community to develop healthy strategies for living and skills to enhance family relations.

The negative effects of being overweight and obese are weighing on the minds of many of us. Being overweight can affect one’s emotional and mental health in many ways including social discrimination, depression and anxiety. Dr. Vala believes that it is essential to recognize obesity as a chronic complex disease. In this workshop Dr...

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Canfit Pro Vancouver Conference November 28 to December 1st 2013

canfit vancouver

Why YOU need to be there!

  • Join hundreds of other fitness professionals at the largest conference of its kind in Vancouver at the Vancouver Convention Centre!Register by November 1 for $139*Vancouver convention center
  • ​Did you know that you could be certified in CPR Level A with AED at the conference? Add this onto your conference registration and maintain your certification for another year!
  • Choose from over 100 sessions from your favourite returning presenters, as well as some brand new faces, including Geoff Bagshaw, Hannah Fletcher, Maureen Hagan, Ingrid Knight-Cohee, Nathalie Lacombe, Marc Lebert, Beth Shaw, Krista Popowych, Nile and Tamara Saïd, Chris Smith, Natasha Turner, Helen Vanderburg, Hana Weinwurm and many more!
  • Be the first to experience incredible new programming from 360 Athletics Inc...
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BCRPA Fitness Theory course in Vancouver


Fitness Theory

The Fitness Theory Course is the first step towards certification and the prerequisite to all instructor courses. Topics include anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, movement analysis, exercise technique, training principles, program planning, training for cardio, strength, endurance and flexibility, nutrition, weight management and safety.

This course is designed to appeal to different learning styles by incorporating lots of visual aids and fun activities. The workbook quizzes, activities, assignments and open book exam, all help to ensure success. And as the groups are never large, there is plenty of time for discussion and questions.

Cost: $299.00(plus manual and workbook, includes tax)
Add Weight Training or Group Fitness for a combo price of $559.00 plus manuals
Add Weig...

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bcrpa group fitness

For the highest rated school that offers Group Fitness Certification in Vancouver you must register for Inshape’s Group Fitness course now ! Inshape Training is a BCRPA approved school for Group Fitness

The Group Fitness Course covers the practical components and additional theory needed for becoming a Group Fitness Instructor. Topics include exercise ideas, choreography, cueing, music, safety, lesson planning, class components and leadership skills.

This course is very active and fun and students should come prepared to move. Students are encouraged to explore different styles of teaching and make presentations, which are then videoed and emailed to them...

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Fitness Instructor jobs that offer a free vacation

Picture this: teaching a step class on the sundeck of an oceanfront pool in beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica, or stretching into a yoga pose on the beach in Cancun, Mexico, with the warmth of a flaming orange sunset as your backdrop.

Pack your bags. Exotic five-star resorts are calling all fitness professionals to the playful side of paradise. “Vacations” valued at $2,500 to $5,000 per week can be yours in exchange for your services as a fitness professional. That’s right.

Fit Bodies Inc. Travel Incentives, Fitness Finders Inc., NRG2GO, Sandals Resorts International and the Professional Coaches Association (PCA) are among the ever-growing number of worldwide exchange programs paving the vacation path...

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Types of Muscle Contraction

This is anatomy and physiology lecture 7 of the Muscular System sections. In this video we take a look at the types of muscle contractions: isometric, isotonic, concentric, and eccentric. We also cover the relationship muscles have with each other, specifically the agonist, synergists, antagonist, and fixator.

To see the rest of the chemistry videos, please visit me at Be sure to check out our site for exam reviews, videos, and classroom handouts.

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Did you know some foods involve hugh workouts?


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