NSCA Northwest Regional Conference in Vancouver, BC


Northwest Regional Conference

Date: August 29-30, 2015


Richmond Olympic Oval

6111 Rover Road

Richmond, BC  V7C 0A2



CEUs: 1.5 NSCA, 15 BOC

Toronto Fitness Conference — June 4th to June 6th

2015 CPTN Conference
Closes at 9pm, Monday, June 1st!
Closes at 6pm, Tuesday, June 2nd.

5 Reasons to DARE to be Excellent at the 2015 CPTN Conference

  1. Choose from specific ONE DAY intensive workshops specifically selected to aid you in enhancing your fitness training knowledge and business! Experience hands-on, applicable and practical workshops featuring brand new fitnesstraining methods that you can integrate with your clients the day after the conference weekend!
  2. Choose from a variety of sessions that focus on your target marketincluding: sports conditioning, yoga, older adult training, special populations, injuries, body awareness, program design, nutrition and more!
  3. Learn insider secrets from some of the best CANADIAN researchers and trainers!
  4. Learn valuable insights on Becoming a Champion: Lessons Learned” with Olympic Coach and Canadian Broadcaster Barrie Shepley.
  5. Develop camaraderie with fellow delegates and presenters during the included lunches on Thursday and Friday, and the Luncheon Address on Saturday. Create a deeper experience and relationship with the CPTN staff during these social opportunities that are included specifically for you to interact with your peers.

toronto fitness conference


Fitness Workshop in London Ontario

DATE(S): May 9, 2015
TIME(S): 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
LOCATION: Movati Athletic – South (London, ON, Canada)
PRICE: Non-Member: $247.77 CAD / Member: $190.97 CAD
CEC(S) / CEU(S): CPTN-7 / OFC-7
INSTRUCTOR(S): Karsten Jensen, MSc, CPTN-CPT.M
REGISTRATION: CPTN Online Registration / Deadline: 5/4/2015 / No Print Registration /Invite Friends
INFORMATION: Confirmation e-mail will be sent one week prior to course date.
cptn fitness

cptn fitness

Free Courses from Dot Fit

DotFit offers a few free Fitness Educator Courses.

Weight Control

Weight Control & Modern Society 

The Science of Weight Control

21st Century Solutions


The Basics of Nutrition


Integrated Training


5 Steps to Better Selling


Basic Coaching Skills

dotFIT Supplement Education and Science

The dotFIT Supplement Reference Guide (SRG) is a complete, detailed, and peer review quality product reference.

Download the SRG

The QRG provides all product information in a summary fashion; suggested use, unique features, contraindications, etc.

Download the QRG






For additional support and dotFIT interaction please visit fitproTV and dotFIT’s YouTube Channel 


Ace Fitness was not even on the list

Recently we had a bad experience with Ace Fitness.  After that we did some research to see if they were considered a respectable fitness education provider.  Well. We were not surprised when the very respectable Precision Nutrition did not even list them as a Fitness Education provider.  Precision Nutrition is considered the Gold Standard in the Fitness and Nutrition Industry, one has to get on a waiting list to take their courses.   However when Precision Nutrition published a Career in Fitness report then did not even list Ace Fitness.  Which we were happy to witness.  For Personal Trainer Certification, Precision Nutrition listed


Just like us, Precision Nutrition did not buy all the colorful marketing and sales tactics that Ace Fitness puts out there.  Unfortunately many young minds do bite the “become a personal” trainer sales pitch, hopefully the word gets out there so young minds choose the gold standard if their goal is to become a personal trainer.

Many are not aware that Todd Galati who was supposed to be a “research scientist and the Resource Center manager” for Ace Fitness and “Director of Credentialing” all of sudden is no longer working for ACE Fitness. When we called everyone at Ace Fitness told us that they cannot discuss why he left.  However, Todd Galati was extremely unprofessional and hostile to me.  Which I did contact Mr. Scott Goudeseune.  Mr. Scott Goudeseune did not deny my accusations.   However in few weeks Todd Galati was gone.  What a relief !!

To conclude we at FitnessEducators.ca warn anyone considering Ace Fitness. to take our advice, plus, follow the advice of Precision Nutriton, who are considered the gold standard.  We agree with Precision Nutrition not to list ACE Fitness.

We strongly recommend:



McMaster Age Group Triathlon Clinic & Coaching Endurance

McMaster Age Group Triathlon Clinic & Coaching Endurance Day


Louis Garneau Presents




WHEN: Sat Nov 29th 7:30am-5pm


WHERE: Utilizing the world class indoor track, 50m, pool, yoga rooms and lecture halls at McMaster University David Brayley Sport Buildings – Hamilton Ontario.


WHAT: A Combination of seminars, practical skill development and interaction with Canada’s Top Elite Athletes & Coaches


WHO: Anyone – Any Age Who Wants To Improve any of their Triathlon Skills for 2015


HOW: You select the personalized options you wish in each session all day long to maximize your specific learning needs & motivation



• Indoor 50m pool & Olympic coach

• Indoor world-class 200m track & top athletes/coaches

• Canada’s top yoga/injury prevention specialist & yoga room

• A dozen of Canada’s greatest ever triathletes & coaches under one roof for the most extensive day of triathlon in the year


LIMITED NUMBERS: The day has sold out for 10 straight years. Do not miss this only time this year to interact with the top coaches, athletes, in a world-class indoor facility, during the optimal time for you to incorporate this new learning into you 2015 racing plans.



Lionel Sanders Canada’s top Long Distance Male

Sean Bechtel Top Canadian at Ironman Mt Tremblant 2014

Barrie Shepley Canada’s Hall of Fame Olympic Tri Coach

Caron Shepley Canada’s Yoga-Guru-Injury Prevention Specialist

Kyle Jones, Canada’s top ranked ITU Athlete & 2012 Olympian

Andrew Yorke, Canada’s 4th place Commonwealth Games Pro Man

Taylor Reid, Male Winner of Elite Pro Chase & former Nat Champ

Andrew Cole, Olympic Swim Coach & Varsity Head Swim Coach

Sheldon Persad, Conditioning Coach to multiple (summer & winter) Olympians

Steve Karlsson, elite coach and testing, data analysis expert

Others to be finalized




Each participant has five major seminar and technical training blocks from 7:30-5pm at McMaster’s indoor facilities where you will customize your daily learning. Participants will ensure that they take the sessions over the day that will maximize their learnipm






Sarcopenic obesity (a phrase coined in 2000) is difficult to easily detect

Over the next 20 years, the aging of the population and obesity epidemic will collide. These two aircraft carriers of health burden are expected to lead to the nation’s growing health issues. First, aging is associated with a dramatic and progressive loss of muscle mass and quality, which partly leads to a diminished functional ability, increased susceptibility to disease and a declining physical quality of life leading to the possibility of physical dependence. Individuals who lose significant muscle mass are considered to be sarcopenic and, as a result, they typically have low appendicular lean mass relative to body height. Second, advancing age leads to their increased susceptibility to weight gain that contributes to development of obesity, along with a host of cardiovascular, metabolic and functional consequences. Accordingly, there has been a rising concern that older adults who possess both low amounts of appendicular muscle and high levels of adipose tissue are particularly vulnerable to physical disability and health consequences. Low levels of muscle relative to the total fat mass clearly predisposes to metabolic dysregulation and biomechanical disadvantages in performing tasks of daily life against gravity (e.g., stair climbing, chair rising, etc…

CanFitPro Conference coming November 2014

CanFit Pro Conference Vancouver

Vancouver Personal Training and Group Fitness Conference and Trade Show!

After the awful experience with CanFitPro and from what I read about them I was encouraged to share my CanfitPro Review.  Any professional Fitness Educator such as NASM, CSEP etc have a professional procedure when dealing of those accused of unethical behavior.  They consider the accused innocent until proven guilty.  And permit him or her a few minutes to hear his/her side.

Recently a good citizen who happens to be middle-eastern, with a university degree and has completed all the courses required to be a CanFitPro Personal Trainer and Group Fitness leader made a mistake when submitting forms.  Instead of Nathalie Lacombe allowing him even 5 minutes for an explanation she not only expelled the middle-eastern man but even banned him from the Vancouver CanFitPro Conference.

Start by demanding that David Patchell Evans, head of Can-Fit-Pro demand an apology from Nathalie Lacombe who is the Director of Membership and Certification.

Contact David Patchell Evans, head of Can-Fit-Pro.  Good Life Fitness Clubs must not put up with the actions of Nathalie Lacombe

It is my view that Nathalie Lacombe has acted with malice and unprofessionally.  (by the way you will see on her own website she used to “make appearances and give talks” but her last one was in November 2013.  Look like she over estimated herself)



Comprehensive Program Design Workshop for FITNESS LEADERS

After personally taking several courses at Inshape Training  in Vancouver which claims to specialize in Personal Training Certification and Group Fitness Certification.

They claim that their programs not only meet the standard for BCRPA registration, but also meet the higher standard of CFES also know as Canadian Fitness Education Services essential for those working abroad. We provide up-to-date knowledge and practical skills, for those pursuing a career in fitness. However I am not sure if the public is aware but Inshape Training uses the “Canadian Fitness Education Services” textbooks and manuals. However I noticed errors in their book.  I did inform Inshape Training on March 1st 2013 and they did admit the errors.  For the price they charge the textbook could be better.

However what was shocking was when we noticed that Canadian Fitness Education Services plagiarized some content in their Personal Training book which is absolutely unacceptable.

Wikipedia states that Plagiarism is

1)  is the “wrongful appropriation” and “stealing and publication” of another author‘s “language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions” and the representation of them as one’s own original work.

2) Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics. It is subject to sanctions like penalties, suspension, and even expulsion.

3) Plagiarism is a serious ethical offense

4) and cases of plagiarism can constitute copyright infringement.

CFES plagiarized or forged material in their Personal Training book.

CFES plagiarized in their Personal Training manual on Chapter 6 page 7 regarding “perfect posture”

Please see the picture. Then you will notice that it came from here


CFES does not give credit to Vern Gambetta who worked so hard and deserves credit.

I myself had a bad experience with CFES and now find out that my suspicions were correct. I am sure if BCRPA and UBC recreation who have a business relationship with them find out then they will sever ties with CFES or at least demand an explanation.

We highly recommend that you contact
1) birdcoop.fitnesscentre@ubc.ca and 2) bcrpa@bcrpa.bc.ca

Canadian Fitness Education Services



785 West 26th Avenue
Vancouver B.C.
V5Z 2E7