CanFitPro Conference coming November 2014

CanFit Pro Conference Vancouver

CanFit Pro Conference Vancouver

Vancouver Personal Training and Group Fitness Conference and Trade Show!

After the awful experience with CanFitPro and from what I read about them I was encouraged to share my CanfitPro Review.  Any professional Fitness Educator such as NASM, CSEP etc have a professional procedure when dealing of those accused of unethical behavior.  They consider the accused innocent until proven guilty.  And permit him or her a few minutes to hear his/her side.

Recently a good citizen who happens to be middle-eastern, with a university degree and has completed all the courses required to be a CanFitPro Personal Trainer and Group Fitness leader made a mistake when submitting forms.  Instead of Nathalie Lacombe allowing him even 5 minutes for an explanation she not only expelled the middle-eastern man but even banned him from the Vancouver CanFitPro Conference.

Start by demanding that David Patchell Evans, head of Can-Fit-Pro demand an apology from Nathalie Lacombe who is the Director of Membership and Certification.

Contact David Patchell Evans, head of Can-Fit-Pro.  Good Life Fitness Clubs must not put up with the actions of Nathalie Lacombe

It is my view that Nathalie Lacombe has acted with malice and unprofessionally.  (by the way you will see on her own website she used to “make appearances and give talks” but her last one was in November 2013.  Look like she over estimated herself)