Ace Fitness was not even on the list

Recently we had a bad experience with Ace Fitness.  After that we did some research to see if they were considered a respectable fitness education provider.  Well. We were not surprised when the very respectable Precision Nutrition did not even list them as a Fitness Education provider.  Precision Nutrition is considered the Gold Standard in the Fitness and Nutrition Industry, one has to get on a waiting list to take their courses.   However when Precision Nutrition published a Career in Fitness report then did not even list Ace Fitness.  Which we were happy to witness.  For Personal Trainer Certification, Precision Nutrition listed


Just like us, Precision Nutrition did not buy all the colorful marketing and sales tactics that Ace Fitness puts out there.  Unfortunately many young minds do bite the “become a personal” trainer sales pitch, hopefully the word gets out there so young minds choose the gold standard if their goal is to become a personal trainer.

Many are not aware that Todd Galati who was supposed to be a “research scientist and the Resource Center manager” for Ace Fitness and “Director of Credentialing” all of sudden is no longer working for ACE Fitness. When we called everyone at Ace Fitness told us that they cannot discuss why he left.  However, Todd Galati was extremely unprofessional and hostile to me.  Which I did contact Mr. Scott Goudeseune.  Mr. Scott Goudeseune did not deny my accusations.   However in few weeks Todd Galati was gone.  What a relief !!

To conclude we at warn anyone considering Ace Fitness. to take our advice, plus, follow the advice of Precision Nutriton, who are considered the gold standard.  We agree with Precision Nutrition not to list ACE Fitness.

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